Tips to Improve Posture and Limit Pain

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Tips to Improve Posture and Limit Pain

Dr. Manoj Todkar - Orthopaedic Surgeon in Pune

  1. OfferPosture Relief

When victimization your phone or taking part in video games, sit during a chair with back support to take care of correct back posture and facilitate limit back pain. To limit neck strain, raise or prop your phone or pill, therefore, your device is directly before your face permitting you to take care of correct head posture.

  1. Take an opportunity

It is essential to limit the time spent on our tablets and phones. If potential, attempt setting a replacement goal day by day to scale back the number of your time spent on social media. detain mind, each minute saved will facilitate cut back the strain on your body. Apple has new controls for you to manage the time spent on every app and web site. These options assist you and your family to realize healthy boundaries for your devices and limit screen time.

  1. Stretch

Take time to stretch regularly. Stretching is simply as necessary as exercise and may facilitate stop muscles from obtaining tight, making chronic pain, which may last for some hours to some days, or be a tangle that lasts for weeks or years.

Paying attention to your screen time and posture in your daily routine will facilitate improve your overall quality of life. If you’re presently laid low with pain in your neck, back, or spine, schedule an appointment with  Dr. Manoj Todkar Orthopedic Surgeon at Pune.

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